Through it all, the personal and professional commitment of the Realtor is to ensure that a seller and a buyer are brought together in an agreement that provides each with a "win" that is fair and equitable. 


The motivation is easy to understand.  For most full-service brokerages, they receive no compensation unless and until the sale closes. 


By contrast, there are firms that offer "limited services" in exchange for an up-front flat fee, or perhaps offer a menu of pay-as-you go or "a la carte" options.  Some even offer a sliding scale ranging from limited to full service.  In these cases, the compensation of the Realtor is based on these reduced service levels with the seller bearing full responsibility for all the other steps and procedures in the selling porcess.  In short, the marketplace truism is that "you get what you pay for."

The variety of  brokerage business models in today's real estate industry affords the homeowner a greater range of options than ever before. But no matter which option is chosen, before signing a Listing Agreement or otherwise engaging the services of a Realtor and agreeing to compensate them, homeowners should understand exactly what services will, or will not, be provided. 

Which brings us to a good question:  Why Use a Realtor?  We will cover this soon!