Not every real estate agent or broker is a REALTOR.  That term and the familiar Block "R" logo are trademarked by the

National Association of REALTORS and can only be used by those who are REALTOR members through their local

association of REALTORS.


While all REALTORS are state-issued licensees as agents or brokers, the major difference between a "real estate

licensee" and  a REALTOR is that REALTORS have taken an oath to subscribe to a stringent, enforceable Code of

Ethics with Standards of Practice that promote the fair, ethical and honest treatment of all parties in a transaction. Non-

member licensees have taken no such oath and are not morally bound to the ethical practices and principles set

forth in the REALTOR Code. 


For that extra measure of peace of mind, ensure the individual seeking to represent you is both a real estate licensee and a

REALTOR.  Visit REALTOR Association's website,, for a searchable list of the  REALTOR members.I


In future blog posts, I will list nearly 150 typical actions, research steps, procedures, processes and review stages in a

successful residential real estate transaction that are normally provided by full service real estate brokerages in return for their

sales commission.  Depending on the transaction, some may take minutes, hours, or even days to complete, while some may

not be needed. 


More importantly, they reflect the level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail required in today's real estate transaction,

underscoring the importance of having help and guidance from someone who fully understands the process.....a REALTOR. 

And never forget that REALTORS are pledged to uphold the stringent, enforceable tenets of the REALTOR Code of Ethics

in their professional dealings with the public.   Not every real estate licensee holds REALTOR membership.  Make sure

yours does!



Pre-Listing Activities and Listing Appointment Presentation of a REALTOR